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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Propaganda Taxonomy

Let's launch the political side of this blog with a brief taxonomy of the Bush administration's propaganda techniques. I've just been struck recently by the revelations about manufactured news, and it seemed like it would be good to review the whole mess. So, here goes.




Suppressing Science


Stage Props

First Amendment Zones


I'm sure I've left a lot out here, but it's a start. At times I've thought that dishonesty or hypocrisy were the defining characteristics of this administration, but I'm coming to see that there is something deeper underneath it. Of course there is a great deal of dishonesty (and hypocrisy) documented in the above links, but I think that "message control" (newspeak for "propaganda") is more fundamental. If they felt it was helpful to them for the public to know the truth about something, I think they would probably be just as energetic about spreading that truth as they are about spreading their lies.


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